May 8, 2021, 6:55:56 PM (6 months ago)


  • The "Remove other hard drives" option in the Boot settings menu in XTIDECFG is now exposed in all BIOS builds. This is needed because the system BIOS in at least two Zenith computer models (Z-161 and Z-171) does not clear the BDA HD count which causes it to increment on warm boot. Running "Auto Configure" in XTIDECFG now also tries to identify these machines by doing a CRC check on the system BIOS and sets the option to YES if a match is found.
  • WORD_ALIGN is now 2 for XT builds. This should benefit XT class machines with 8086 and NEC V30 CPU:s and the cost is negligible (1 byte for the XT BIOS builds and 12 bytes for XTIDECFG.COM).
  • Other minor optimizations.
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  • trunk/XTIDE_Universal_BIOS_Configurator_v2/Src/Strings.asm

    r602 r605  
    118118g_bControllersDetected: db  'x'             ; Value stored directly here
    119119                        db  " controllers.",NULL
     120g_szDlgBadBiosFound:    db  "This computer has been identified as being one of the following models:",LF,LF
     121                        db  "Zenith Z-171",LF
     122                        db  "Zenith Z-161",LF,LF
     123                        db  "The Boot settings menu option 'Remove other hard drives' has been set to YES for this reason.",NULL
    120124g_szDlgCfgFullMode:     db  "Enable full operating mode?",NULL
    121125g_szDlgCfgStealSize:    db  "How many kiB of base memory to steal for XTIDE Universal BIOS variables (1...255)?",NULL
    465469                            db  " of normal drive detection. Note that if any serial drives are detected during the normal drive detection,"
    466470                            db  " no scan will take place (to avoid finding the same drive twice).",NULL
    467 g_szHelpClearBdaDriveCount: db  "Set to NO for normal operation. Set to YES to get Windows 95 drivers to work when"
    468                             db  " MODULE_WIN95_CMOS_HACK is not included (dummy drive needs to be defined in system BIOS setup).",NULL
     471g_szHelpClearBdaDriveCount: db  "Set to NO for normal operation. Set to YES to get Windows 9x protected mode drivers to work when"
     472                            db  " MODULE_WIN9X_CMOS_HACK is not included (dummy drive needs to be defined in system BIOS setup). This option must"
     473                            db  " also be set to YES on computers where the system BIOS does not initialize RAM properly. Zenith models Z-171 and"
     474                            db  " Z-161 are known examples of such machines.",NULL
    470476g_szMultichoiceBootDispMode:    db  "Default",LF
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