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Mar 31, 2013, 11:31:48 PM (11 years ago)


  • Changed to remove a false positive when MODULE_STRINGS_COMPRESSED is not included ('loop PrependOrAppendSpaces' in DisplayFormat.asm).
  • XTIDECFG: Moved the contents of all text files under Help into Strings.asm to simplify editing and to avoid them being "out of sight and forgotten", essentially making it easier to keep strings up to date. Also made changes to some strings in the process (spelling mistakes etc).
  • Other minor fixes and optimizations to the BIOS.
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  • trunk/Assembly_Library/Src/Display/DisplayPrint.asm

    r526 r532  
    137137    jnz     SHORT .DivideLoop   ;  If not, loop
    139 PrintAllPushedDigits:
     139PrintAllPushedDigits:           ; Unused entrypoint OK
    140140    mov     bx, g_rgcDigitToCharacter
    299299    %define EXCLUDE
     301        %undef EXCLUDE
     302    %endif
    300303    %ifdef MODULE_HOTKEYS
    301304        %undef EXCLUDE
  • trunk/Assembly_Library/Src/Menu/MenuInit.asm

    r527 r532  
    153153    sub     ax, [bp+MENUINIT.wHighlightedItem]
    154154    jmp     MenuScrollbars_MoveHighlightedItemByAX
    155 %endif
    169168    mov     ax, [bp+MENUINIT.wHighlightedItem]
    170169    ret
  • trunk/Tools/

    r526 r532  
    5656        /^([a-z0-9_]+\:)?\s+call\s+(.*)$/i ||
    5757        /^([a-z0-9_]+\:)?\s+push\s+(.*)$/i ||
     58        /^([a-z0-9_]+\:)?\s+loop\s+(.*)$/i ||
    5859        /^([a-z0-9_]+\:)?\s+j[a-z]?[a-z]?[a-z]?[a-z]?[a-z]?\s+(.*)$/i ||
    5960        /^([a-z0-9_]+)?\s+equ\s+(.*)$/i )
  • trunk/XTIDE_Universal_BIOS/Src/Device/IDE/IdeWait.asm

    r526 r532  
    7777    mov     cl, bh
    7878    call    Timer_InitializeTimeoutWithTicksInCL
     79    call    IdeIO_InputStatusRegisterToAL       ; Discard contents of first read
    7980    and     ah, ~FLG_STATUS_BSY
    8081    jz      SHORT PollBsyOnly
    96     call    IdeIO_InputStatusRegisterToAL       ; Discard contents of first read
    9998    call    IdeIO_InputStatusRegisterToAL
    127     call    IdeIO_InputStatusRegisterToAL       ; Discard contents of first read
    130127    call    IdeIO_InputStatusRegisterToAL
  • trunk/XTIDE_Universal_BIOS_Configurator_v2/Src/Strings.asm

    r526 r532  
    2323; Menu title
    24 g_szProgramTitle:
    25     db  "Configuration and Flashing program for XTIDE Universal BIOS v2.0.0.",LF,CR,NULL
     24g_szProgramTitle:                   db  "Configuration and Flashing program for XTIDE Universal BIOS v2.0.0.",LF,CR,NULL
    2625g_szXtideUniversalBiosSignature:    db  "XTIDE203",NULL
    2726g_szBiosIsNotLoaded:                db  "BIOS is not loaded!",NULL
    2928g_szSourceAndTypeSeparator:         db  " : ",NULL
    3029g_szUnidentified:                   db  "Unidentified",NULL
    31 g_szUnsaved:                        db  " ",SINGLE_LEFT_HORIZONTAL_TO_VERTICAL,
    32                                     db  "Unsaved",SINGLE_RIGHT_HORIZONTAL_TO_VERTICAL,NULL
     30g_szUnsaved:                        db  " ",SINGLE_LEFT_HORIZONTAL_TO_VERTICAL,"Unsaved",SINGLE_RIGHT_HORIZONTAL_TO_VERTICAL,NULL
    3432; Item formatting
    3937g_szNo:                             db  "No",NULL
    40 g_szMultichoiceBooleanFlag:
    41                                     db  "No",LF
     38g_szMultichoiceBooleanFlag:         db  "No",LF
    4239g_szYes:                            db  "Yes",NULL
    9693g_szNfoMainHomePage:    db  "Visit xtideuniversalbios (home page) and vcforum (support)",NULL
    98 g_szHelpMainLicense:    incbin  "Main_License.txt"
    99                         db  NULL
     95g_szHelpMainLicense:    db  "XTIDE Universal BIOS and XTIDECFG Configuration program are Copyright 2009-2010 by Tomi Tilli,"
     96                        db  " 2011-2013 by XTIDE Universal BIOS Team. Released under GNU GPL v2. This software comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY."
     97                        db  " This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions."
     98                        db  " See the LICENSE.TXT file that was included with this distribution,"
     99                        db  " visit gpl-2.0.html, or visit xtideuniversalbios.",NULL
    101101; Strings for XTIDE Universal BIOS configuration menu
    131131                        db  " No further action is required. Serial Controllers must be placed at the end of the list.",NULL
    133 g_szHelpCfgFullMode:    incbin  "Configuration_FullMode.txt"
    134                         db  NULL
    135 g_szHelpCfgStealSize:   incbin  "Configuration_StealSize.txt"
    136                         db  NULL
     133g_szHelpCfgFullMode:    db  "Full mode supports up to 4 IDE controllers (8 drives). Full mode reserves a bit of RAM from the top of"
     134                        db  " Conventional memory. This makes it possible to use ROM BASIC and other software that requires"
     135                        db  " the interrupt vectors where XTIDE Universal BIOS parameters would be stored in Lite mode.",LF,LF
     136                        db  "Lite mode supports only one IDE controller (2 drives) and stores parameters to the top of the interrupt vectors"
     137                        db  " (30:0h) so no Conventional memory needs to be reserved. Lite mode cannot be used if some software requires"
     138                        db  " the top of interrupt vectors. Usually this is not a problem since only IBM ROM BASIC uses them.",LF,LF
     139                        db  "Tandy 1000 models with 640 kiB or less memory need to use Lite mode since the top of Conventional memory gets"
     140                        db  " dynamically reserved by video hardware. This happens only with Tandy integrated video controller and not when"
     141                        db  " using expansion graphics cards. It is possible to use Full mode if reserving RAM for video memory + what is"
     142                        db  " required for XTIDE Universal BIOS. This would mean 65 kiB but most software should work with 33 kiB reserved.",NULL
     144g_szHelpCfgStealSize:   db  "Parameters for detected hard disks must be stored somewhere. In Full mode they are stored at the top of Conventional"
     145                        db  " memory. 1 kiB is usually enough but you may have to reserve more if you want to use Full mode on a Tandy 1000.",NULL
    137147g_szHelpCfgIdleTimeout: db  "This option enables the standby timer for all harddrives handled by XTIDE Universal BIOS,"
    138148                        db  " allowing the drives to spin down after idling the selected amount of time."
    140150                        db  " Also note that timeouts less than 5 minutes may cause unnecessary wear on the drives and is not recommended"
    141151                        db  " (use for compatibility testing only).",NULL
    142 g_szMultichoiceIdleTimeout:
    143                             db  "Disabled",LF
     153g_szMultichoiceIdleTimeout: db  "Disabled",LF
    144154                            db  "1 m",LF
    145155                            db  "2 m",LF
    166176                            db  "1 h 30 m",LF
    167177g_szIdleTimeoutChoice24:    db  "2 h",NULL
     178g_szIdleTimeoutChoice23:    db  "1 h 30 m",NULL
     179g_szIdleTimeoutChoice22:    db  "1 h",NULL
     180g_szIdleTimeoutChoice21:    db  "30 m",NULL
     181g_szIdleTimeoutChoice20:    db  "20 m",NULL
     182g_szIdleTimeoutChoice19:    db  "19 m",NULL
     183g_szIdleTimeoutChoice18:    db  "18 m",NULL
     184g_szIdleTimeoutChoice17:    db  "17 m",NULL
     185g_szIdleTimeoutChoice16:    db  "16 m",NULL
     186g_szIdleTimeoutChoice15:    db  "15 m",NULL
     187g_szIdleTimeoutChoice14:    db  "14 m",NULL
     188g_szIdleTimeoutChoice13:    db  "13 m",NULL
     189g_szIdleTimeoutChoice12:    db  "12 m",NULL
     190g_szIdleTimeoutChoice11:    db  "11 m",NULL
     191g_szIdleTimeoutChoice10:    db  "10 m",NULL
     192g_szIdleTimeoutChoice9:     db  "9 m",NULL
     193g_szIdleTimeoutChoice8:     db  "8 m",NULL
     194g_szIdleTimeoutChoice7:     db  "7 m",NULL
     195g_szIdleTimeoutChoice6:     db  "6 m",NULL
     196g_szIdleTimeoutChoice5:     db  "5 m",NULL
     197g_szIdleTimeoutChoice4:     db  "4 m",NULL
     198g_szIdleTimeoutChoice3:     db  "3 m",NULL
     199g_szIdleTimeoutChoice2:     db  "2 m",NULL
     200g_szIdleTimeoutChoice1:     db  "1 m",NULL
    169201g_szIdleTimeoutChoice0:     db  "Disabled",NULL
    170 g_szIdleTimeoutChoice1:     db  "1 m",NULL
    171 g_szIdleTimeoutChoice2:     db  "2 m",NULL
    172 g_szIdleTimeoutChoice3:     db  "3 m",NULL
    173 g_szIdleTimeoutChoice4:     db  "4 m",NULL
    174 g_szIdleTimeoutChoice5:     db  "5 m",NULL
    175 g_szIdleTimeoutChoice6:     db  "6 m",NULL
    176 g_szIdleTimeoutChoice7:     db  "7 m",NULL
    177 g_szIdleTimeoutChoice8:     db  "8 m",NULL
    178 g_szIdleTimeoutChoice9:     db  "9 m",NULL
    179 g_szIdleTimeoutChoice10:    db  "10 m",NULL
    180 g_szIdleTimeoutChoice11:    db  "11 m",NULL
    181 g_szIdleTimeoutChoice12:    db  "12 m",NULL
    182 g_szIdleTimeoutChoice13:    db  "13 m",NULL
    183 g_szIdleTimeoutChoice14:    db  "14 m",NULL
    184 g_szIdleTimeoutChoice15:    db  "15 m",NULL
    185 g_szIdleTimeoutChoice16:    db  "16 m",NULL
    186 g_szIdleTimeoutChoice17:    db  "17 m",NULL
    187 g_szIdleTimeoutChoice18:    db  "18 m",NULL
    188 g_szIdleTimeoutChoice19:    db  "19 m",NULL
    189 g_szIdleTimeoutChoice20:    db  "20 m",NULL
    190 g_szIdleTimeoutChoice21:    db  "30 m",NULL
    191 g_szIdleTimeoutChoice22:    db  "1 h",NULL
    192 g_szIdleTimeoutChoice23:    db  "1 h 30 m",NULL
    194203; Strings for IDE Controller menu
    195 g_szItemBackToCfgMenu:  db  "Back to Configuration Menu",NULL
    196 g_szItemIdeMaster:      db  "Master Drive",NULL
    197 g_szItemIdeSlave:       db  "Slave Drive",NULL
    198 g_szItemIdeDevice:      db  "Device type",NULL
    199 g_szItemIdeCmdPort:     db  "Base (cmd block) address",NULL
    200 g_szItemIdeCtrlPort:    db  "Control block address",NULL
    201 g_szItemIdeEnIRQ:       db  "Enable interrupt",NULL
    202 g_szItemIdeIRQ:         db  "IRQ",NULL
    203 g_szItemIdeXTCFwindow:  db  "XT-CF v2 Sector Window",NULL
    204 g_szItemSerialCOM:      db  "COM Port",NULL
    205 g_szItemSerialBaud:     db  "Baud Rate",NULL
    206 g_szItemSerialPort:     db  "COM Port I/O address",NULL
     204g_szItemBackToCfgMenu:      db  "Back to Configuration Menu",NULL
     205g_szItemIdeMaster:          db  "Master Drive",NULL
     206g_szItemIdeSlave:           db  "Slave Drive",NULL
     207g_szItemIdeDevice:          db  "Device type",NULL
     208g_szItemIdeCmdPort:         db  "Base (cmd block) address",NULL
     209g_szItemIdeCtrlPort:        db  "Control block address",NULL
     210g_szItemIdeEnIRQ:           db  "Enable interrupt",NULL
     211g_szItemIdeIRQ:             db  "IRQ",NULL
     212g_szItemIdeXTCFwindow:      db  "XT-CF v2 Sector Window",NULL
     213g_szItemSerialCOM:          db  "COM Port",NULL
     214g_szItemSerialBaud:         db  "Baud Rate",NULL
     215g_szItemSerialPort:         db  "COM Port I/O address",NULL
    207216g_szItemIdeSerialComPort:   db  "COM port",NULL
    208217g_szItemIdeSerialBaudRate:  db  "Baud rate",NULL
    210 g_szDlgDevice:          db  "Select controller type.",NULL
    211 g_szDlgIdeCmdPort:      db  "Enter IDE command block (base port) address.",NULL
    212 g_szDlgIdeCtrlPort:     db  "Enter IDE control block address (usually command block + 200h).",NULL
    213 g_szDlgIdeEnIRQ:        db  "Enable interrupt?",NULL
    214 g_szDlgIdeIRQ:          db  "Enter IRQ channel (2...7 for 8-bit controllers, 2...15 for any other controller).",NULL
    215 g_szDlgIdeXTCFwindow:   db  "XT-CF v2 Sector Window segment (A000h...E800h).",NULL
    217 g_szNfoIdeBackToCfgMenu:db  "Back to XTIDE Universal BIOS Configuration Menu.",NULL
    218 g_szNfoIdeMaster:       db  "Settings for Master Drive.",NULL
    219 g_szNfoIdeSlave:        db  "Settings for Slave Drive.",NULL
    220 g_szNfoIdeDevice:       db  "Select controller device type.",NULL
    221 g_szNfoIdeCmdPort:      db  "IDE Controller Command Block (base port) address or segment address for JR-IDE/ISA.",NULL
    222 g_szNfoIdeCtrlPort:     db  "IDE Controller Control Block address. Usually Cmd Block + 8 for XTIDE, and Cmd Block + 200h for ATA.",NULL
    223 g_szNfoIdeEnIRQ:        db  "Interrupt or polling mode.",NULL
    224 g_szNfoIdeIRQ:          db  "IRQ channel to use.",NULL
    225 g_szNfoIdeXTCFwindow:   db  "Segment Address for XT-CF v2 4 kiB Sector Access Window.",NULL
    226 g_szNfoIdeSerialCOM:    db  "Select a COM port by number.",NULL
    227 g_szNfoIdeSerialBaud:   db  "Select the COM port's Baud Rate. The server must match this speed."
    228                         db  " Note that UART clock multipliers may impact the actual speed.",NULL
    229 g_szNfoIdeSerialPort:   db  "Select a COM port by custom I/O port address. Any address is valid up to 3f8h, but must be on an 8-byte boundary.",NULL
    231 g_szHelpIdeCmdPort:     incbin  "IDE_CommandPort.txt"
    232                         db  NULL
    233 g_szHelpIdeCtrlPort:    incbin  "IDE_ControlPort.txt"
    234                         db  NULL
    235 g_szHelpIdeEnIRQ:       incbin  "IDE_EnableInterrupt.txt"
    236                         db  NULL
    237 g_szHelpIdeIRQ:         incbin  "IDE_IRQ.txt"
    238                         db  NULL
    239 g_szHelpIdeSerialCOM:   incbin  "IDE_SerialCOM.txt"
    240                         db  NULL
    241 g_szHelpIdeSerialPort:  incbin  "IDE_SerialPort.txt"
    242                         db  NULL
    243 g_szHelpIdeSerialBaud:  incbin  "IDE_SerialBaud.txt"
    244                         db  NULL
    246 g_szMultichoiceCfgDevice:
    247                         db  "16-bit ISA/VLB/PCI IDE",LF
    248                         db  "32-bit VLB/PCI IDE",LF
    249                         db  "16-bit ISA IDE in 8-bit mode",LF
    250                         db  "XTIDE rev 1",LF
    251                         db  "XTIDE rev 2 or modded rev 1",LF
    252                         db  "XT-CF v2/v3/Lite in PIO mode",LF
    253                         db  "XT-CF v2 in DMA mode",LF
    254                         db  "XT-CF v2 in memory mode",LF
    255                         db  "JR-IDE/ISA",LF
    256                         db  "Serial port virtual device",NULL
     219g_szDlgDevice:              db  "Select controller type.",NULL
     220g_szDlgIdeCmdPort:          db  "Enter IDE command block (base port) address.",NULL
     221g_szDlgIdeCtrlPort:         db  "Enter IDE control block address (usually command block + 200h).",NULL
     222g_szDlgIdeEnIRQ:            db  "Enable interrupt?",NULL
     223g_szDlgIdeIRQ:              db  "Enter IRQ channel (2...7 for 8-bit controllers, 2...15 for any other controller).",NULL
     224g_szDlgIdeXTCFwindow:       db  "XT-CF v2 Sector Window segment (A000h...E800h).",NULL
     226g_szNfoIdeBackToCfgMenu:    db  "Back to XTIDE Universal BIOS Configuration Menu.",NULL
     227g_szNfoIdeMaster:           db  "Settings for Master Drive.",NULL
     228g_szNfoIdeSlave:            db  "Settings for Slave Drive.",NULL
     229g_szNfoIdeDevice:           db  "Select controller device type.",NULL
     230g_szNfoIdeCmdPort:          db  "IDE Controller Command Block (base port) address or segment address for JR-IDE/ISA.",NULL
     231g_szNfoIdeCtrlPort:         db  "IDE Controller Control Block address. Usually Cmd Block + 8 for XTIDE, and Cmd Block + 200h for ATA.",NULL
     232g_szNfoIdeEnIRQ:            db  "Interrupt or polling mode.",NULL
     233g_szNfoIdeIRQ:              db  "IRQ channel to use.",NULL
     234g_szNfoIdeXTCFwindow:       db  "Segment Address for XT-CF v2 4 kiB Sector Access Window.",NULL
     235g_szNfoIdeSerialCOM:        db  "Select a COM port by number.",NULL
     236g_szNfoIdeSerialBaud:       db  "Select the COM port's Baud Rate. The server must match this speed."
     237                            db  " Note that UART clock multipliers may impact the actual speed.",NULL
     238g_szNfoIdeSerialPort:       db  "Select a COM port by custom I/O port address. Any address is valid up to 3F8h, but must be on an 8-byte boundary.",NULL
     240g_szHelpIdeCmdPort:         db  "IDE controller command block address is the usual address mentioned for IDE controllers."
     241                            db  " By default the primary IDE controller uses port 1F0h and secondary controller uses port 170h."
     242                            db  " XTIDE card uses port 300h by default."
     243                            db  " JR-IDE/ISA do not use ports but you need to set ROM space segment address for JR-IDE/ISA.",NULL
     245g_szHelpIdeCtrlPort:        db  "IDE controller Control Block address is normally Command Block address + 200h."
     246                            db  " For XTIDE card the Control Block registers are mapped right after Command Block"
     247                            db  " registers so use Command Block address + 8h for XTIDE card.",NULL
     249g_szHelpIdeEnIRQ:           db  "IDE controller can use interrupts to signal when it is ready to transfer data."
     250                            db  " This makes possible to do other tasks while waiting drive to be ready."
     251                            db  " That is usually not useful in MS-DOS but using interrupts frees the bus for any DMA transfers."
     252                            db  " Polling mode is used when interrupts are disabled."
     253                            db  " Polling usually gives a little better access times since interrupt handling requires extra processing."
     254                            db  " There can be some compatibility issues with some old drives when polling is used with Block Mode transfers.",NULL
     256g_szHelpIdeIRQ:             db  "IRQ channel to use. All controllers managed by XTIDE Universal BIOS can use the same IRQ when MS-DOS is used."
     257                            db  " Other operating systems are likely to require different interrupts for each controller.",NULL
     259g_szHelpIdeSerialCOM:       db  "Select a serial port by COM port number. COM1 through COM4 have well established I/O port assignments,"
     260                            db  ' COM5 and onward are less well established. "COMA" represents COM10, "COMB" represents COM11, and "COMC"'
     261                            db  ' represents COM12. Selecting "COMx" enables the manual selection of an I/O port address.',NULL
     263g_szHelpIdeSerialPort:      db  "Select a serial port by I/O address. Any port address is supported up to 3F8h, but must be on an 8-byte boundary."
     264                            db  " If the entered value corresponds to one of the established COM port numbers, then the selection will snap"
     265                            db  ' to that COM port and "COMx" must be selected again for custom I/O address entry.',NULL
     267g_szHelpIdeSerialBaud:      db  "Supported baud rates are 2400, 4800, 9600, 19.2K, 28.8K, 38.4K, 57.6K, and 115.2K. The server must also be set to"
     268                            db  " this same speed. Older UARTs may only support up to 9600 baud, but sometimes can be pushed to 38.4K. 115.2K will"
     269                            db  " likely only be possible with a newer UART that includes a FIFO. Some high speed serial ports include UART clock"
     270                            db  " multipliers, allowing for speeds at 230.4K (2x multiplier) and 460.8K (4x multiplier) above 115.2K. These high"
     271                            db  " speeds are supported by these BIOS, even on original 4.77MHz 8088 systems. Note that UART clock multipliers are"
     272                            db  " not detectable by the software and 115.2K will still be used during configuration for high speeds; but if"
     273                            db  " a multiplier is used, the actual speed (including the multiplier) will need to be used by the server.",NULL
     275g_szMultichoiceCfgDevice:   db  "16-bit ISA/VLB/PCI IDE",LF
     276                            db  "32-bit VLB/PCI IDE",LF
     277                            db  "16-bit ISA IDE in 8-bit mode",LF
     278                            db  "XTIDE rev 1",LF
     279                            db  "XTIDE rev 2 or modded rev 1",LF
     280                            db  "XT-CF v2/v3/Lite in PIO mode",LF
     281                            db  "XT-CF v2 in DMA mode",LF
     282                            db  "XT-CF v2 in memory mode",LF
     283                            db  "JR-IDE/ISA",LF
     284                            db  "Serial port virtual device",NULL
    258286g_szValueCfgDevice16b:      db  "16-bit",NULL
    267295g_szValueCfgDeviceSerial:   db  "Serial",NULL
    269 g_szSerialCOMChoice:
    270                         db  "COM1 - address 3f8h",LF
    271                         db  "COM2 - address 2f8h",LF
    272                         db  "COM3 - address 3e8h",LF
    273                         db  "COM4 - address 2e8h",LF
    274                         db  "COM5 - address 2f0h",LF
    275                         db  "COM6 - address 3e0h",LF
    276                         db  "COM7 - address 2e0h",LF
     297g_szSerialCOMChoice:    db  "COM1 - address 3F8h",LF
     298                        db  "COM2 - address 2F8h",LF
     299                        db  "COM3 - address 3E8h",LF
     300                        db  "COM4 - address 2E8h",LF
     301                        db  "COM5 - address 2F0h",LF
     302                        db  "COM6 - address 3E0h",LF
     303                        db  "COM7 - address 2E0h",LF
    277304                        db  "COM8 - address 260h",LF
    278305                        db  "COM9 - address 368h",LF
    282309                        db  "COMx - Custom address",NULL
    284 g_szValueCfgCOM1:       db      "COM1",NULL
    285 g_szValueCfgCOM2:       db      "COM2",NULL
    286 g_szValueCfgCOM3:       db      "COM3",NULL
    287 g_szValueCfgCOM4:       db      "COM4",NULL
    288 g_szValueCfgCOM5:       db      "COM5",NULL
    289 g_szValueCfgCOM6:       db      "COM6",NULL
    290 g_szValueCfgCOM7:       db      "COM7",NULL
    291 g_szValueCfgCOM8:       db      "COM8",NULL
    292 g_szValueCfgCOM9:       db      "COM9",NULL
    293 g_szValueCfgCOMA:       db      "COMA",NULL
    294 g_szValueCfgCOMB:       db      "COMB",NULL
    295 g_szValueCfgCOMC:       db      "COMC",NULL
    296 g_szValueCfgCOMx:       db      "Custom",NULL
    298 g_szSerialBaudChoice:
    299                         db  "115.2K baud",LF
     311g_szValueCfgCOM1:       db  "COM1",NULL
     312g_szValueCfgCOM2:       db  "COM2",NULL
     313g_szValueCfgCOM3:       db  "COM3",NULL
     314g_szValueCfgCOM4:       db  "COM4",NULL
     315g_szValueCfgCOM5:       db  "COM5",NULL
     316g_szValueCfgCOM6:       db  "COM6",NULL
     317g_szValueCfgCOM7:       db  "COM7",NULL
     318g_szValueCfgCOM8:       db  "COM8",NULL
     319g_szValueCfgCOM9:       db  "COM9",NULL
     320g_szValueCfgCOMA:       db  "COMA",NULL
     321g_szValueCfgCOMB:       db  "COMB",NULL
     322g_szValueCfgCOMC:       db  "COMC",NULL
     323g_szValueCfgCOMx:       db  "Custom",NULL
     325g_szSerialBaudChoice:   db  "115.2K baud",LF
    300326                        db  "57.6K baud",LF
    301327                        db  "38.4K baud",LF
    306332                        db  "2400 baud",NULL
    308 g_szValueCfgBaud115_2:  db      "115.2K",NULL
    309 g_szValueCfgBaud57_6:   db      "57.6K",NULL
    310 g_szValueCfgBaud38_4:   db      "38.4K",NULL
    311 g_szValueCfgBaud28_8:   db      "28.8K",NULL
    312 g_szValueCfgBaud19_2:   db      "19.2K",NULL
    313 g_szValueCfgBaud9600:   db      "9600",NULL
    314 g_szValueCfgBaud4800:   db      "4800",NULL
    315 g_szValueCfgBaud2400:   db      "2400",NULL
     334g_szValueCfgBaud115_2:  db  "115.2K",NULL
     335g_szValueCfgBaud57_6:   db  "57.6K",NULL
     336g_szValueCfgBaud38_4:   db  "38.4K",NULL
     337g_szValueCfgBaud28_8:   db  "28.8K",NULL
     338g_szValueCfgBaud19_2:   db  "19.2K",NULL
     339g_szValueCfgBaud9600:   db  "9600",NULL
     340g_szValueCfgBaud4800:   db  "4800",NULL
     341g_szValueCfgBaud2400:   db  "2400",NULL
    349374g_szNfoDrvLbaSectors:   db  "Millions of sectors (1024*1024). 1M sectors = 512 MiB.",NULL
    351 g_szHelpDrvBlockMode:   incbin  "Drive_BlockMode.txt"
    352                         db  NULL
    353 g_szHelpDrvWriteCache:  incbin  "Drive_WriteCache.txt"
    354                         db  NULL
    355 g_szHelpDrvUserCHS:     incbin  "Drive_UserCHS.txt"
    356                         db  NULL
    357 g_szHelpDrvUserLBA:     incbin  "Drive_UserLBA.txt"
    358                         db  NULL
     376g_szHelpDrvBlockMode:   db  "Block Mode will speed up transfers since multiple sectors can be transferred before waiting next data request."
     377                        db  " Normally Block Mode should always be kept enabled but there is at"
     378                        db  " least one drive with buggy Block Mode implementation.",NULL
     380g_szHelpDrvWriteCache:  db  "Modern Hard Drives have large internal write cache."
     381                        db  " The cache will speed up writes since the drive can free the bus right after data has been written in cache."
     382                        db  " The drive then starts to write the data from cache by itself."
     383                        db  " That can be dangerous since all unwritten data in cache is lost if power is turned off or the system is reset."
     384                        db  " Modern operating systems will flush the cache when user shuts down the system."
     385                        db  " DOS does not have that sort of protection so it is up to the user to make sure cache is flushed."
     386                        db  " WARNING!!! Write cache should be left disabled.",NULL
     388g_szHelpDrvUserCHS:     db  "Specify (P-)CHS parameters manually instead of autodetecting them."
     389                        db  " This can be used to limit drive size for old operating systems that do not support large hard disks."
     390                        db  " Some early IDE drives have buggy autodetection so they require CHS to be specified manually."
     391                        db  " Limiting Cylinders will work for all drives but drives may not accept all values for Heads and Sectors per Track.",NULL
     393g_szHelpDrvUserLBA:     db  "Limit drive size to X million sectors for EBIOS functions. This option is useful to"
     394                        db  " prevent large drive compatibility problems with MS-DOS 7.x (Windows 95 and 98).",NULL
    397433                        db  " This can also be invoked by holding down ALT at the end of normal drive detection.",NULL
    399 g_szHelpBootTimeout:    incbin  "Bootmenu_Timeout.txt"
    400                         db  NULL
    401 g_szHelpBootDrive:      incbin  "Bootmenu_DefaultDrive.txt"
    402                         db  NULL
    403 g_szHelpBootFloppyDrvs: incbin  "Bootmenu_FloppyDrives.txt"
    404                         db  NULL
    405 g_szHelpSerialDetect:   incbin  "Bootmenu_SerialDetect.txt"
    406                         db  NULL
    408 g_szMultichoiceBootDispMode:
    409                         db  "Default",LF
    410                         db  "40x25 Black & White",LF
    411                         db  "40x25 Color",LF
    412                         db  "80x25 Black & White",LF
    413                         db  "80x25 Color",LF
    414                         db  "80x25 Monochrome",NULL
    416 g_szMultichoiceBootFloppyDrvs:
    417                         db  "Autodetect",LF
    418                         db  "1",LF
    419                         db  "2",LF
    420                         db  "3",LF
    421                         db  "4",NULL
     435g_szHelpBootTimeout:    db  "Boot Menu selection timeout in BIOS timer ticks (1 second = 18.2 ticks)."
     436                        db  " When timer goes to zero, currently selected drive will be booted automatically."
     437                        db  " Timeout can be disabled by setting this to 0.",NULL
     439g_szHelpBootDrive:      db  "Drive to be set selected by default when Boot Menu is displayed.",NULL
     441g_szHelpBootFloppyDrvs: db  "Detecting the correct number of floppy drives might fail when using a floppy controller with its own BIOS."
     442                        db  " A minimum number of floppy drives can be specified to force non-detected drives to appear on boot menu.",NULL
     444g_szHelpSerialDetect:   db  "Set to Yes, at the end of normal drive detection, COM ports 1-7 (in reverse order) will be scanned for a connection"
     445                        db  " to a serial drive server. This option provides flexibility with the COM port and baud rate to be used,"
     446                        db  " it need not be configured ahead of time, but at the expense of a slower boot process."
     447                        db  " Even when this option is set to No, this functionality can still be invoked by holding down the ALT key at the end"
     448                        db  " of normal drive detection. Note that if any serial drives are detected during the normal drive detection,"
     449                        db  " no scan will take place (to avoid finding the same drive twice).",NULL
     451g_szMultichoiceBootDispMode:    db  "Default",LF
     452                                db  "40x25 Black & White",LF
     453                                db  "40x25 Color",LF
     454                                db  "80x25 Black & White",LF
     455                                db  "80x25 Color",LF
     456                                db  "80x25 Monochrome",NULL
    423458g_szValueBootDispModeDefault:   db  "Default",NULL
    428463g_szValueBootDispModeMono:      db  "Mono",NULL
     465g_szMultichoiceBootFloppyDrvs:  db  "Autodetect",LF
     466                                db  "1",LF
     467                                db  "2",LF
     468                                db  "3",LF
     469g_szValueBootFloppyDrvs4:       db  "4",NULL
     470g_szValueBootFloppyDrvs3:       db  "3",NULL
     471g_szValueBootFloppyDrvs2:       db  "2",NULL
     472g_szValueBootFloppyDrvs1:       db  "1",NULL
    430473g_szValueBootFloppyDrvsAuto:    db  "Auto",NULL
    431 g_szValueBootFloppyDrvs1:       db  "1",NULL
    432 g_szValueBootFloppyDrvs2:       db  "2",NULL
    433 g_szValueBootFloppyDrvs3:       db  "3",NULL
    434 g_szValueBootFloppyDrvs4:       db  "4",NULL
    456495g_szNfoFlashChecksum:   db  "Generate checksum byte to the end of BIOS image.",NULL
    458 g_szHelpFlashSDP:       incbin  "Flash_SdpCommand.txt"
    459                         db  NULL
    460 g_szHelpFlashPageSize:  incbin  "Flash_PageSize.txt"
    461                         db  NULL
    462 g_szHelpFlashChecksum:  incbin  "Flash_Checksum.txt"
    463                         db  NULL
     497g_szHelpFlashSDP:       db  "Software Data Protection Command:",LF
     498                        db  "None    = Do not use Software Data Protection. Meant for EEPROMs that do not support SDP.",LF,LF
     499                        db  "Enable  = Write protects the EEPROM after flashing."
     500                        db  " Software Data Protection should always be enabled if EEPROM supports it.",LF,LF
     501                        db  "Disable = Disables Software Data Protection after flashing.",NULL
     503g_szHelpFlashPageSize:  db  "Larger page size will improve write performance but not all EEPROMs support large pages or page writing at all."
     504                        db  " Byte writing mode will be used when page size is set to 1. Byte writing mode is supported by all EEPROMs."
     505                        db  " Large pages cannot be flashed with slow CPUs.",NULL
     507g_szHelpFlashChecksum:  db  "PC BIOSes require a checksum byte at the end of expansion card BIOS ROMs."
     508                        db  " You might not want to generate checksum byte when flashing some other images than XTIDE Universal BIOS.",NULL
    479524                        db  "Enable",LF
    480525g_szValueFlashDisable:  db  "Disable",NULL
     526g_szValueFlashEnable:   db  "Enable",NULL
    481527g_szValueFlashNone:     db  "None",NULL
    482 g_szValueFlashEnable:   db  "Enable",NULL
    490535                        db  "32 bytes",LF
    491536g_szValueFlash64bytes:  db  "64 bytes",NULL
     537g_szValueFlash32bytes:  db  "32 bytes",NULL
     538g_szValueFlash16bytes:  db  "16 bytes",NULL
     539g_szValueFlash8bytes:   db  "8 bytes",NULL
     540g_szValueFlash4bytes:   db  "4 bytes",NULL
     541g_szValueFlash2bytes:   db  "2 bytes",NULL
    492542g_szValueFlash1byte:    db  "1 byte",NULL
    493 g_szValueFlash2bytes:   db  "2 bytes",NULL
    494 g_szValueFlash4bytes:   db  "4 bytes",NULL
    495 g_szValueFlash8bytes:   db  "8 bytes",NULL
    496 g_szValueFlash16bytes:  db  "16 bytes",NULL
    497 g_szValueFlash32bytes:  db  "32 bytes",NULL
    499544g_szSelectionTimeout:   db  DOUBLE_BOTTOM_LEFT_CORNER,DOUBLE_LEFT_HORIZONTAL_TO_SINGLE_VERTICAL,"%ASelection in %2u s",NULL
    501545g_szDashForZero:        db  "- ",NULL
    503546g_szValueUnknownError:  db  "Error!",NULL
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